Friday, November 19, 2010

Lazy Sundays...or not.

So if your Sundays go anything like ours the essentials consist of :

1. The mad rush to get the whole family in the chapel before the opening song finishes (even though you were aiming to be there five minutes before the hour).

2. A stressful hour, lightly seasoned with peace and comfort, and a blissful following two hours where you are virtually child free and surrounded by all the adult conversation/spiritual uplifting you could want.

3. The despearate rush to get food into hungry mouths when you reach home so kids can then go down for naps. This way you can also take a nap and not be interupted five thousand times by busy children who don't understand the phrase, "mommy is sleeping...".

4. And last but not least, the grand finale of a huge wrestling session that take place on the 'wrestling blanket' as soon as everyone wakes up 2 hours...I mean 45 minutes later.

Things get a little rough around here. Just to be fair, I do not usually join in. When asked, I gently and patiently remind them of my superior WWF skills and they remember that no else really has even a small chance of winning when the champion (that's me) enters the arena (that's the wrestling blanket).

Always truthful on a Sunday-


  1. This blog is such a life saver for me! I was getting real home sick tonight & didn't do myself any favor when I decided to get on Google Map and "wander" around Denver. Seeing that you had posted instantly made me happy & seeing your sweet fam coupled with your familiar humorous writing made me feel right at home again. I miss you so much & keep hoping I won't be too dissapointed when I can't find another "Monae" in Wichita.

  2. Due to Afternoon Church beginning at 1:00 PM (really, I think they are trying to GET RID of attenders here, which is funny because our ward is pretty small to begin with...) which, I remind you, is DURING nap time (as if you needed reminding) and a calling in primary, AND a resident "single" mom with three children under 4, our Sundays are *almost* enough to make me apostasies. (I wanted to cry when I read your #2--BLISSFUL?? Really, Mo?) Thank goodness we are going back to 9AM church next year! Wish us luck in getting to church before the sacrament is passed, but at least we'll get those blessed naps in after! :)

    P.S. you know I was kidding about the apostasy thing, right?

  3. Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon wrestling match. However, I'm now very curious about your WWF skills. That is something I would definitely like to see.